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What Sunglasses Raymond Reddington Wears in The Blacklist?

From fedoras and shoes to watches and suits, even the vintage Sunglasses of Raymond Reddington of The Blacklist never cease to amaze me as to what a style icon he has become over the past 5-6 years.

James Spader plays the character of Raymond Red Reddington, who is a former naval intelligence officer who turned into an international most-wanted criminal in the TV show The Blacklist.

It doesn’t even matter if he is holed up in a CIA black site or having lavish dinners in Rome or being imprisoned and auctioned off by the Earl King family, the man knows how to dress up in every situation possible.

Raymond Reddington’s sunglasses and Rolex submariner wrist-watches, all of the classic dressing sense add up if you look at his background as a navy officer.

Raymond reddington gold aviator sunglasses - the blacklist wardrobe

What Sunglasses James Spader Wears on The Blacklist

We will talk in detail about the rest of his wardrobe some other time, but right now we are going to talk about James Spader’s rectangular aviator sunglasses he wears in The Blacklist.

Now, there is a lot of speculation online that the sunglasses used in James Spader’s wardrobe in The blacklist are Oliver People’s Victory 58 Model, but I haven’t been able to confirm that 100 percent. there is also the factor that they are mostly out of stock on Amazon and cost around $350, which BTW is a LOT of money for a pair of sunglasses.

So, I’ve collected a few of the close matches of the glasses Raymond Reddington uses in the show, after some research, and of course, re-watching the blacklist about two dozen times, I’ve come to realize the basic characteristics of the glasses, and those are listed below.

  • Gold Plated Frame.
  • Rectangular-styled aviator frame.
  • Polarized, cognac-colored lens.

All the rest we feel can be compromised on a little bit. So we have included quite a few options which align with those basics in our list of sunglasses.

So As I already mentioned that there is no possible way to hunt down the EXACT pair of vintage aviators James Spader wears on The Blacklist but the options I shared are the best you can buy. I’ve also noticed that Raymond Red Reddington doesn’t stick with one particular pair of glasses throughout these past 6 seasons of the show.

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    • The temple and hinge on the glasses in the show dont look like the ones you mentioned, but they are a close match.

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