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Rockwell 6C Review | Adjustable Razor System to Rule them All

Rockwell 6C is a chrome-plated Adjustable double-edge Razor system, designed in Canada and made in China. I have been using it for 18 months, Let’s talk about how it fares in terms of shaving the hair off and the build quality.

You can go ahead and buy a Double-Edge razor like a Feather AS-D2 or Razorock Gamechanger if you are looking for something expensive and fancy and precision machined to the nanometer but the only caveat would be that the aggressiveness of the blade is not adjustable.

Why do I like a multiple plate system and not an adjustable knob system?

Some of us prefer an adjustable razor, a DE razor we can adjust according to our requirements and sometimes even multiple times during a shave. That’s where an Adjustable Shaving razor like a Merkur Progress, a Parker variant, or Merkur futur comes in, allowing us to adjust the aggressiveness or as some would say, the exposure of the blade.

Load a blade, turn the adjustment dial according to your current preference, and shave away. But there are other kinds of Adjustable DE Razor Systems available where the adjustment isn’t mechanical and has nothing to do with a knob adjustment. It’s all very simple; a number of base plates to adjust the aggressiveness or mildness of the razor.

I like the three-plate adjustable razors instead of a knob adjustment because of the clamping force of the plates and the stiffness of the blade it provides. Not to mention it is virtually foolproof as compared to a mechanical system inside a knob-adjustable razor which can and will go wrong at some point and the razor will need to be serviced, IMHO.

The build quality and materials

build quality and materials of the Rockwell 6C Adjustable safety Razor - review

Rockwell 6C is manufactured with Zinc alloy and finished with smooth chrome plating as opposed to the Rockwell 6S which is made from stainless steel. The merits and demerits of zinc alloy razors can be discussed and have been discussed a hundred times over on forums and YouTube but I’ve never really had any problems with any zinc alloy razor head. One can argue that 6S is better because it’s solid stainless steel and stainless steel will outlast any zinc alloy construction and I do agree with that sentiment.

However, that is not to say that 6C is any less competent or shaves any differently. Sure you can shell out more money and buy the highest tier thing later on if you like 6C but if you just want to test whether you’d like it or not, it is better to buy a Rockwell 6C in my opinion.

Aggressiveness/Efficiency of different Plates of 6C adjustable Razor system

Rockwell 6S Review - Aggressiveness of All Rockwell 6C Plates

The Blade gap and blade feel are different with every plate, of course, providing different levels of efficiency/aggressiveness. I am going to list which razor the Rockwell 6C plates roughly compare to in my experience of using this razor for the past 18 months so that if you are looking to buy the 6C/6S, you’ll have a rough idea of what you will get if you buy it.

  1. The Plate 1 on Rockwell 6C is VERY mild, too mild I’d say. I have used it only once and never touched it again, as is the nature of an adjustable razor that some settings you’ll rarely use. That said, I also can’t think of any razor I can compare it to.
  2. Plate 2 on Rockwell 6C compares to a King C Gillette Razor or a Feather AS-D2, although some would say the Feather is even milder. That being said, I also have a KCG Double edge razor and I love it very much, it has its place in my heart (with a different handle of course).
  3. Plate 3 on Rockwell 6C can be roughly compared to the Edwin Jagger DE89 or Merkur 34C in my experience and opinion.
  4. Plate 4 on Rockwell 6C can be almost compared to a Razorock Gamechanger .68P, like always YMMV.
  5. I wouldn’t EXACTLY compare Plate 5 on 6C to a Gamechanger .84P, but the aggressiveness/efficiency of Plate 5 can almost be compared. GC .84P is a teeny bit more aggressive than plate 5 of the Rockwell 6C/6S.
  6. I don’t have any razors to compare with the Plate 6 on Rockwell 6C, maybe I haven’t tried overly aggressive/efficient double-edge razors out there yet. One thing I will say is Plate 6 of the Rockwell 6C/6S is like a lawn mower, it’s too aggressive, I cut myself when I used it the first couple of times and when I wasn’t paying attention.

This one time I had to shave my 40-day growth beard and my trimmer wasn’t charged so I couldn’t trim first and then shave my beard with plate 3 after that, and I had to attend an event and I needed to shave for that. So I used plate 6 and an Astra SP blade to directly shave my full-grown beard and damn it, it worked, I still had to be very careful but it worked so flawlessly. YMMV of course but I’d be very careful with plate 6 if I were you.

Does Rockwell 6C glide better than Rockwell 6S while shaving?

Chrome Finish helps Rockwell 6C razor glide better while shaving

There has been a lot of speculation in the wet-shaving community, both in YouTube videos and forums that the Rockwell 6C glides better because of chrome plating as compared to just untreated, matte stainless steel construction in the 6S and I would agree with that speculation. However, it’s not a gigantic difference between the feel of both razors.

RazorEmporium even came out with their iteration of the 6S where they have polished the surface of the stainless steel version and then plated it with either Nickel, Rhodium, or even 24k gold plating (if you prefer that sort of thing). According to them and the customers who have used it improves the overall experience of shaving with the 6S.

Is Rockwell 6C Razor for beginner wet-shavers?

A Lot of beginners have that question and it is a fair question if you are going to shell out upwards of $55 instead of just going with a Merkur 34C or a DE89 for around $40. In my opinion, the Rockwell 6C safety razor is a very good option for beginners as it is better to start from a mild plate and then test out how aggressive of a razor one can handle while working on their technique. I would recommend Rockwell 6C to beginner wet-shavers out there.

Rockwell 6C Plate and Blade combinations I use

Multiple Plates of Rockwell 6C Double Edge razor and the Blades I use with them - Rockwell 6C Razor review

Everyone uses and prefers different blades with their DE razors and that’s understandable but here are what blades I most commonly use with different plates of my Rockwell 6C.

Usually, a Feather hi-stainless blade goes with plates 3 and below on my Rockwell, Gillette Nacet, and Voskhod Teflon coated blades work well with these too but I tend to prefer a feather blade for the milder plates. Astra SP, Voskhod, or Wilkinson Sword classic with plates 4 and 5, depending on the day and what I feel like using.

Every time I’ve used the 6 Plate with my Rockwell 6C, I have almost exclusively used an Astra SP or a Treet Platinum because of the mild nature of these blades.

Final thoughts

Well, that is my review of the Rockwell 6C. It is an Excellent razor IMHO, I wouldn’t even say it’s an excellent razor for the money, it’s an excellent razor PERIOD.

Now, Do I regret not shelling out 60 dollars more and going for the stainless steel version(6S)?

No, I do not.

Do I hold the opinion that I should’ve bought the Rockwell 6S instead or buy it in the future because I love this one so much and also because the stainless steel version will last a lifetime?

Absolutely Yes, but that is exactly why it’s the perfect Adjustable DE Razor for beginners. As a beginner one gets to hone their technique on the milder plates and then dip their toes in more aggressive plates and figure out their likings and dislikings. If you are a beginner and you are contemplating buying an adjustable razor, I’d absolutely recommend Rockwell 6C. That’s all folks.

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