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Best Type of EyeGlasses For Men With Big Noses

Are you Struggling to find the perfect pair of glasses that embrace your distinctive facial features? You aren’t alone, I’ve been there too. Today we’ll explore five stylish glasses designs/frames that are perfect for men with larger noses. These glasses not only look good but also offer the right balance and support for a comfortable fit on your face.

The best frames for men with bigger noses are of Angular shapes like Rectangular or squared lenses because of the way they take away attention from the nose. Let’s talk more about those down below.

1. Aviator Frames – The Classic Look

Affordable alternative to the Aviator sunglasses Maverick wears in Top Gun

We’ve talked at length about Aviator sunglasses and why they look best on most movie stars and TV stars. But the truth is, they look great on most face shapes be it more rectangular aviators on the softer and rounder facial features of James Spader or the classic aviators on more chiseled, sharper facial features of Tom Cruise. And As someone who’s faced the challenge of finding the right frames for a bigger nose, I can personally vouch for aviator frames. They work for me because their large lenses and double bridge design help balance out our facial proportions while offering ample coverage for my eyes.

The iconic teardrop shape adds a touch of sophistication. Opting for aviators with a thicker top bar and thinner lower bar works wonders in drawing attention upwards and away from the nose. Plus, adjustable nose pads provide that extra comfort I crave. Trust me, aviators are a big-nosed guy’s best friend.

2. Rounded Frames

Rounded Frames for men with bigger nose

In my experience, rounded frames have been a game-changer for guys like us with bigger noses. If you have an angular face, these frames, with their gentle curves, create a harmonious appearance by contrasting the angular lines of your facial features. The trick is to find the right size that offers adequate coverage without overpowering our face.

What I love about rounded frames is that they also come with higher bridges or adjustable nose pads, ensuring a comfy fit. The best part is that one can experiment with various materials and colors, allowing you to express your personal style while flattering your prominent nose.

3. Rectangular Frames

Rectangular Framed eyeglasses for men with bigger noses

Rectangular frames can work wonders for people with bigger noses and especially if you have a face with softer, more rounded features. Their angular lines help create a more balanced appearance, which is just what You need.

I’ve found that frames with wider bridge widths sit comfortably on my face, while thicker temples draw attention toward the sides, subtly taking the focus away from the center. They also work for those with oblong faces, rectangular frames with a lower depth can break up the face’s length, making it appear shorter and more proportional features.

4. Wayfarer Frames

Wayfarer Frames for men with bigger nose

Wayfarer frames are a good choice for a man with a bigger nose because they offer a timeless and versatile design that suits various face shapes, including those with prominent noses. The wayfarer’s thick upper frame and thinner lower frame help balance out facial features while also providing a dapper appearance. These glasses are known for their comfort and adaptability, making them an excellent choice for everyday wear.

Choosing wayfarer frames with a keyhole bridge can be particularly beneficial for men with bigger noses. This design feature allows the glasses to sit higher on the nose and adds visual interest to the center of the face. The result is a more balanced look that complements the larger nose without drawing unwanted attention to it. I personally keep a Wayfarer frame in my collection and rock it 20-30% of the time.

5. Clubmaster Frames – Rocking that Semi-Rimless look

Clubmaster Frames – Rocking that Semi-Rimless look

Clubmasters are vintage classics and for a good reason, they typically feature a bold upper frame and a thinner or rimless lower frame, emphasizing the browline and making your face look more proportional. In my experience, Clubmaster frames have been a stylish and flattering option for those of us with bigger noses. Their bold upper frame and thinner or rimless lower frame create a visually interesting contrast, which helps to draw attention upwards, subtly focusing on the eyes rather than the nose.

To ensure a comfortable fit, I recommend choosing Clubmaster frames with adjustable nose pads or a wider bridge width. Trust me, these vintage-inspired frames can work wonders in celebrating our unique features while offering a fashionable and confident look.

Can Sunglasses Make My Nose Look Smaller?

Yes, if you choose the right style and size of eyeglasses frame according to your face shape and facial features, Sunglasses can make your nose look smaller by taking away attention from it.

Key Pointers for Choosing Frames that Fit Best for Your Face Shape

As you might’ve noticed that I mentioned while talking about different styles of frames for different face types and even if they all work for men with bigger noses, some work better for certain face shapes than others. There are some key things you must keep in mind to choose the eyeglasses style that best fits your face. Let me quickly mention these essential points to remember while you look for glasses to take attention away from your nose.

Your face Shape

Figuring out your face shape to choose best eyeglass frames

As I already mentioned above, certain frame shapes are only going to work for certain kind of face shapes, even if all of these work for guys with bigger noses, each of these styles don’t always work with all faces with bigger noses like rectangular frames will work better for guys with softer and rounder facial features, so on and so forth.

Bridge Shape

In my experience, the bridge shape of a glasses frame has a huge impact on how it looks on our face but most people tend to totally overlook this while choosing an eyeglasses frame for themselves. It determines how the glasses sit on our nose and can either enhance our facial features and gives us a balanced appearance or draws unwanted attention to certain areas. For example, how Keyhole bridges create a small gap in the upper part of the frame making your nose look smaller.

Size of the Frames

The size of the frame greatly influences how glasses look on our faces. A well-proportioned frame complements our features, while a too-small or too-large frame can throw off our facial balance. It’s essential to find the perfect frame size that highlights our unique beauty and provides comfort.

So to wrap it up,

Finding the perfect pair of glasses for men with bigger noses is all about embracing your unique features and choosing styles that strike a balance between comfort and aesthetics. Exploring options like aviators, rectangular frames, rounded frames, etc opens up a world of stylish possibilities. Remember, the key is to experiment with different shapes, bridge designs, and frame sizes to find the most flattering option.

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