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0$ Mustache Grooming Tips to Keep You Looking Spiffy

As someone who has spent many years perfecting the art of facial hair grooming, I can assure you that maintaining a mustache isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s a labor of love. From the basic combing routine to the meticulous shaping of the whiskers, every step plays a crucial role. Let’s dive into my arsenal of mustache grooming tips and techniques that will help you maintain, care for and style your mustache at home with basic tools.

Understanding Your Mustache Type

First of all, Understanding your mustache type is the foundation of effective Mustache grooming. We all have different facial hair textures and growth patterns, and these characteristics influence our grooming and styling strategies. You may have a thick mustache, a thin one, or perhaps one with a bit of scruff underneath. Regardless of your mustache type, there’s a wealth of practical grooming tips and techniques that can help you look your best.

Challenges in Mustache Grooming and Styling

Before I share My personal tips to groom and style your mustache, let me first talk about what are common challenges faced by men and especially young men when attempting to grow a mustache and how to overcome those challanges.

Growing a Thicker Mustache

For those of you on the journey of growing a thicker mustache, I feel your struggle. Patience truly is a virtue in this case. It may be tempting to resort to quick fixes, but they seldom work. Instead, focus on consistent grooming and care, and over time, your mustache will look thicker and fuller.

Dealing with Thin Mustache

Now, let’s talk about the thin mustaches out there. Despite popular belief, a thin mustache can be styled and groomed to look just as sharp and sophisticated as a thick one. The secret? Keep it neatly trimmed and use the right grooming products to add a touch of fullness and shape.

Young Man with a Thin and under-developed mustache

Managing Scruff under the Mustache

Dealing with scruff under the mustache is another common challenge. It can make your mustache look untidy and feel uncomfortable. Regular trimming and cleaning underneath the mustache will keep the scruff at bay.

Maintaining Your Mustache Shape

Maintaining a good shape can be tricky, especially as your mustache grows longer. But with the right tools and a lot of practice, you can master the art of mustache shaping.

Mustache Grooming Tips

Now that we have talked about common problems one faces while growing a mustache and their solutions, let me share my personal and very practical mustache styling and grooming tricks.

What are Essential Mustache Grooming Tools?

A fine-tooth comb is perfect for keeping your mustache neat and tangle-free. Mustache scissors are necessary for precise trimming, while beard oil or mustache wax are essential for nourishing the hair and keeping the mustache in shape. I’ve found these tools to be absolute essentials for mustache grooming in my years of experience.

Essential Tools for Mustache Grooming

The Grooming Process

Grooming your mustache is a journey that requires patience and consistency. In the initial stages, avoid over-trimming. Let your mustache grow while keeping it tidy with regular trims. Remember, it’s about shaping the mustache, not reducing its size.

Daily Mustache Care Routine

Your daily mustache care routine is as important as your grooming technique. Combing your mustache at least once a day trains the hairs to grow in your desired direction. And don’t forget to wash your mustache with a gentle cleanser to remove any food and drink residues. Applying beard oil or wax daily not only keeps your mustache nourished and styled but can also promote better growth.

Dealing with Common Mustache Issues


Itchiness, gentlemen, is a common experience in the early stages of mustache growth. It can be reduced by regularly applying beard oil or balm to nourish the skin and hairs, and by keeping the skin underneath the mustache clean and hydrated.

Uneven Growth of the Mustache

Dealing with uneven growth? You’re not alone. Uneven growth is a common issue, and it can be frustrating. But remember, patience is key. Hairs grow at different rates, so give it time. A good trim can also help make uneven growth less noticeable.

Eating and Drinking with a Mustache

The age-old challenge of eating and drinking with a mustache… we’ve all been there. Learning to eat and drink neatly, using a mustache guard for drinking, and washing your mustache regularly can all help to keep it clean.

How to Style a Mustache?

Let me now talk about important considerations before you start styling your mustache and also a step by step guide on Exactly how to do it.

Importance of Face Shape

Man Rocking a handlebar mustache with style

Your face shape plays an important role when it comes to choosing a mustache style. Different mustache styles suit different face shapes. Over the years, I’ve seen round faces pull off handlebar mustaches wonderfully, while square faces tend to look great with a chevron style.

Step-by-step Styling Guide

Styling your mustache at home can be a rewarding experience as you learn how to do it better every time. Here’s a simple guide for you:

  1. Start with a clean, dry mustache. It’s easier to work with and gives better results.
  2. Comb your mustache. Always start from the middle and comb towards the sides.
  3. Using your mustache scissors, start trimming from the middle. Remember to trim in small increments. You can always cut more, but you can’t undo a big cut.
  4. Apply a small amount of mustache wax. Warm it between your fingers before applying.
  5. Style as desired. Use a comb for precision and your fingers to adjust the shape.
  6. Give it a final check in the mirror, ensuring both sides are symmetrical.

Summing it all up

Let me sum it up this way, maintaining a mustache is a journey, one that involves understanding your hair growth, adapting to different stages, and adopting the right grooming habits. So whether you’re sporting a ‘Chevron,’ an ‘English,’ or a ‘Horseshoe’ style, wear your mustache with confidence. After all, it’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too.

And to quote the wise Mark Twain: “There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep the house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends.” Replace ‘man and wife’ with ‘man and his mustache,’ and you have the perfect grooming relationship right there. So, go ahead, confound your enemies, and delight your friends with your impeccably groomed mustache.

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